Laugh back the Sun

Laugh back the Sun

Author: Lan Reid

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Assassination, murder on accidental death?

A passionate love affair, a devastating war, a tragedy with a twist...

Long Description

The year was 1939. War had just been declared. When Chris Lessing, a young army officer from the Transvaal meets Joan Mercer, a pretty, young woman from Simon's Town at the beginning of the Second World War, the chemistry is spontaneous and explosive. He is Afrikaans, she is English.
They come from different worlds, but believe their love is strong enough to survive the odds.

This is a story of a passionate love affair and a future filled with promise, blighted by a devastating war, where all was given and nothing returned.

Did Chris Lessing know too much about the activities of his wartime unit 30 AU?  Was this a crime of passion? Or was the Coroner’s decision correct?